About Kadeena Cards

Sadly the pandemic hit everyone unexpectedly in 2020.

As a result, Wayne was unable to see his wife, Vicky, and son, Kaden, for almost 8 months. They were staying at Vicky’s mum’s home and they bred sheep on their farm.

One morning there was a new lamb born which was very small and unlikely to survive. So they took it into the house to keep warm and to feed it.

This kept his son busy, and happy, during ther time apart….and the lamb’s name? Kadeena

So like this lamb, who kept Wayne’s son occupied during the difficult time apart became our symbol of hope – and thus Kadeena Cards was born…

Our Team

Our team loves making people happy, seeing smiles on their faces is their objective.

PanLiYan (Vicky)

Sales & Support

Pam Griffin


Wayne Griffin